Can you ever look normal again?

Without drugs or surgery?

Lymphedema and lipedema can be addressed

 with food, herbs  and lifestyle choices

I help women who suffer with lipedema/lymphedema obtain balance through healthy lifestyle and diet choices using herbs and nutrigenomics.

Like to leave excess lymph behind in the ladies'?

Researchers have found lymphatic vessels in the brain and central nervous system (CNS) that drain directly into the body’s main lymphatic system. With our current knowledge of the gut-brain connection, free-draining lymphatics take on even more importance! 

Food Intolerance

Lymph channels may be congested, and thus cannot flow or drain toxins out of our systems properly.


Lymphatic congestion results in inflammation of the body, which is linked to digestive issues.

Clogged Lymphatics

The "drains" may be the real culprit behind the food sensitivity epidemic and inflammation.

My Story

I am a 20-year cancer survivor – but I suffer from lymphedema as a result of that life-saving surgery. For years I just thought I was getting fat, even though I really tried to limit food, following every diet that came along. Sadly it was seven years before my excess weight was diagnosed as chronic lymphedema. Those seven years of no treatment to mitigate the swelling has caused irreparable tissue fibrosis in my lower legs. And now with the global pandemic I am unwilling to choose elective surgery in a hospital environment or liposuction for my additional diagnosis of Stage III Lipedema.

Why should you work with me? My only doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical is one Baby Aspirin per day! I have maintained my health with herbal formulas from the inside out. After all, it’s what’s under the hood, so-to-speak–where true health lies–not in my appearance!

Current Research suggests . . .

Simple lifestyle interventions, such as switching to a diet high in vegetables, fruit and whole grains and low in sugar, salt and processed meat, can make a major difference to cardiovascular risk factors in as little as ten days, despite the genetic odds being stacked against some people.

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“ I really appreciate the natural approach of Living Herbes. I feel so much better than when I take over the counter pharmaceuticals for an ailment that there is a natural herbal preparation for.”

Maria E.