ACANTHE ou BRANCHE-URSINE, vient en toute terre sans beaucoup de culture. On la multiplie se semence en Mars, & de plant enraciné en Octobre. On aura soin de lever de terre cette plante tous les ans, pour en ôter le peuple, qui est capable de perdre un jardin.

Les feuilles de cette plante s’emploient ordinairement dans les décoctions & fomentations émollientes. Elle est vulnéraire & détersive, propre pour modérer le cours de ventre. Dodonée assure qu’elle est propre au cratchement de sang, dans la pulmonie, & dans les blessures internes causées par quelque coup ou chûte. Galien ordonne les feuilles de cette plante, mises en poudre, pour rétablier les digestions viciées.


ACANTHUS or BEAR’S BREECHES, comes in any soil without much cultivation. It is multiplied by sowing in March, and by rooting in October. We will take care to remove this plant from the earth every year, to remove it from crowding, otherwise it can take over a garden.

The leaves of this plant are commonly used in emollient decoctions & fomentations. It is vulnerary & cleansing, used to moderate the stomach course. Rembert Dodonée assures that it is suitable for spitting up blood, in the lungs, & in internal wounds caused by any blow or fall. Galen ordered the leaves of this plant, put into powder, to restore stale digestions.


It is an excellent plant under the dominion of the Moon; I could wish such as are studious would labour to keep it in their gardens. The leaves being boiled and used in clysters, is excellent good to mollify the belly, and make the passage slippery. The decoction drank inwardly, is excellent and good for the bloody-flux; The leaves being bruised, or rather boiled and applied like a poultice are excellent good to unite broken bones and strengthen joints that have been putout. The decoction of either leaves or roots being drank, and the decoction of leaves applied to the place, is excellent good for the king’s evil that is broken and runs; for by the influence of the moon, it revives the ends of the veins which are relaxed. There is scarce a better remedy to be applied to such places as are burnt with fire than this is, for it fetches out the fire, and heals it without a scar. This is an excellent remedy for such as are bursten, being either taken inwardly, or applied to the place. In like manner used, it helps the cramp and the gout. It is excellently good in hectic fevers, and restores radical moisture to such as are in consumptions. Culpeper [1651].

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