AMARANTHE - Love Lies Bleeding, Velvet Flower
Amaranthus caudatus

AMARANTHE - Amaranthus caudatus - Love Lies Bleeding, Velvet Flower

AMARANTHE. La fleur d’amaranthe, prise en breuvage, foulage ceux qui sont tourmentés du mal de ventre & du flux de sang, & arréte les mois & fleurs des femmes. Elle est astringent, réfrigérative & dessiccative.


AMARANTH. The amaranth flower, taken as a drink, crushes those who are tormented by stomach ache & blood flow, & stops the months & flowers of women. It is astringent, refrigerant & desiccant.

Amaranthus retroflexus - Pigweed

There is also a sort of Amaranthus that bears a white flower, which stops the whites in women, and the running of the reins in men, and is a most gallant antivenereal, and a singular remedy for the French pox [Amaranthus retroflexus]. [Culpeper]

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