Berce - Hogweed, Cow Parsnip
- Heracleum sphondylium

Berce - Heracleum sphondylium - Hogweed, Cow Parsnip

BERCE, vient en toute terre, & en quelque exposition que ce soit, se multiplie de semences & de plan enraciné en Mars.

Les racines de cette plante, aussi-bien que la semence, sont apéritives & incisives; on s’en sert eninfusion. Tabernæ-Montanus assure ue la décoction des feuilles ou des racines de cette plante est laxative, & qu’elle guérit les vapeurs.


Hogweed, Cow Parsnip, grows everywhere, & in whatever exposure it may be, multiplies itself with seeds & roots planted in March.

The roots of this plant, as well as the seed, are appetizing & sharp; it is used as an infusion. Tabernæmontanus [Jacob Diether] ensures that the decoction of the leaves or roots of this plant is laxative, & that it cures the vapors.


Mercury hath the dominion over them. The seed thereof, as Galen saith, is of a sharp and cutting quality, and therefore is a fit medicine fora cough and shortness of breath, the falling sickness [epilepsy] and jaundice. The root is available to all the purposes aforesaid, and is also of great use to take away the hard skin that grows on a fistula, if it be but scraped upon it. The seed hereof being drank, cleanses the belly from tough phlegmatic matter therein, eases them that are liver-grown, women’s passions of the mother, as well being drank as the smoke thereof received, and likewise raises such as are fallen into a deep sleep, or have the lethargy, by burning it under their nose. The seed and root boiled in oil, and the head rubbed therewith, helps not only those that are fallen into a frenzy, but also the lethargy or drowsy evil, and those that have been long troubled with the head-ache, if it be likewise used with Rue. It helps also the running scab and shingles. The juice of the flowers dropped into the ears that run and are full of matter, cleanses and heals them. Culpeper 1651.

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