Bétoine - Wood Betony
- Stachys officinalis


BÉTOINE, se plaît dans un terrein humide & à l’ombre. On la multiplie plus aisément de plant que de semences en Mars.

La bétoine est vulnéraire, apéritive, diurétique, adoucissante, propre pour les maladies du cerveau & du bas-ventre. On s’en sert à la maniere du thé pour la goutte, les vapuers, les douleurs de tête, la jaunisse. On en fait aussi une tisane, une conserve & un sirop propres pour faire cracher les matieres purulentes, pour consolider les ulceres intérieurs, pour faire passer les urines & emporter les obstructions. On en fait une poudre propre à faire éternuer: &une emplâtre pour les blessures, sur-tout de la tête. Les racines en decoction purgent par haut & par bas.


BETONY, likes it in damp soil & in the shade. It is propagated more easily from plant than from seed in March.

Betony is vulnerary, aperitif, diuretic, emollient, suitable for diseases of the brain & lower abdomen. It is used as an infusion for gout, vapors, headaches, & jaundice. It is also made into a tisane, conserve and syrup to expel purulent matter, to close internal ulcers, to pass urine and remove obstructions. It is made into a powder suitable for sneezing [snuff]: & a plaster for wounds, especially of the head. Roots in decoction purify from above & below.


“The herb cures the jaundice, falling sickness, palsy, convulsions, gout, dropsy and head troubles, and that the powder mixed with honey is no less available for all sorts of colds or cough, wheezing, or shortness of breath and consumption” (Gerard, 1597).

Culpeper (1651) stated that, "...it preserves the liver and bodies of men from the danger of epidemical diseases, and from witchcraft also" and "...this is a precious herb, well worth keeping in your house". He also states that betony is astrologically ruled by Jupiter and Aries.

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