Bois-Gentil - Daphne, Spurge-Olive
- Daphne mezereum


BOIS-GENTIL, veu être planté en belle exposition & en bonne terrebien cultivée & bien amendée. On le multiplie de plant enraciné en Septembre, & de marcottes en Avril. Cet arbrisseau se plaît le long d’un mur en espalier.

Les feuilles & les fruits de cet arbrisseau purgent assez violement; les paysans s’en servent souvent; la dose est d’un gros en substance, & au double en décoction. Il faut corriger ce purgatif avec le vinaigre ou quelques aromates avant de s’en servir. On l’ordonne dans l’hydropisie, les vapeurs & les rhumatismes invétérés.


Daphne**, Mezereum, Spurge Olive, likes to be planted in good exposure & in good soil, well cultivated & well amended. It is propagated with a rooted plant in September, and with layers in April.

This shrub thrives along an espalier wall. The leaves & fruits of this shrub cause bloody diarrhea and violent emesis; the peasants often use it; the dose [root bark] is one gros in substance, & twice as much as a decoction. This purgative should be corrected with vinegar or a few herbs before using it. It is ordered in dropsy, vapors & chronic rheumatism.

**Daphne mezereum is very toxic AND IS NOT USED TODAY. If poisoned, victims experience a choking sensation. Handling the fresh twigs can cause rashes and eczema in sensitive individuals.**

Mezereon. Spurge-Olive, or Widdow-wail. A dangerous purge, better let alone than meddled with. Culpeper [1651].

This plant is very dangerous to be taken into the body, & in nature like to the Sea Tithymale, leaving (if it be chewed) such an heat and burning in the throat, that it is hard to be quenched. Gerard [1597].

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