Bugle - Bugleweed
- Ajuga reptans


BUGLE, veut un lieu pierreux & sec, se multiplie de semnces & de plant enraciné en Mars.

Cette plante est vulnéraire & detersive. On l’ordonne en tisanes & dans les aposemes pour le crachement de sang, la dyssenterie, les les fleurs blances, les pertes, les maux de gorge & les ulceres de la bouche: le suc de ses feuilles bu à trois onces, a les mêmes vertus. On s’en sert aussi avec succès dans les difficultés d’urine & dans les obstructions du foie.


BUGLE, wants a stony & dry place, multiplies with seeds and rooted plants in March.

This plant is vulnerable & detersive. It is ordered in herbal teas & in decoctions for coughing up blood, dysentery, white [vaginal discharges], sore throat & mouth ulcers: the juice of its leaves drunk at three ounces per glass, has the same virtues. It is also used successfully in urine difficulties & liver obstructions.


This herb belongs to Dame Venus: If the virtues of it makes you fall in love with it (as they will if you be wise) keep a syrup of it to take inwardly, anointment and plaister of it to use outwardly, always by you. The decoction of the leaves and flowers made in wine, and taken, dissolves the congealed blood in those that are bruised inwardly by a fall, or otherwise is very effectua lfor any inward wounds, thrusts, or stabs in the body or bowels; and it is an especial help in all wound-drinks, and for those that are liver-grown (as they call it.) It is wonderful in curing all manner of ulcers and sores, whether new and fresh, or old and inveterate; yea, gangrenes and fistulas also, if the leaves bruised and applied, or their juice be used to wash and bathe the place; and the same made into a lotion, and some honey and alum, cures all sores in the mouth and gums, be they ever so foul, or of long continuance; and works no less powerfully and effectually for such ulcers and sores as happen in the secret parts of men and women. Being also taken inwardly, or outwardly applied, it helps those that have broken any bone, or have any member out of joint. Anointment made with the leaves of Bugle, Scabions and Sanicle, bruised and boiled in hog’s grease, until the herbs be dry, and then strained forth into a pot for such occasions as shall require; it is so singularly good for all sorts of hurts in the body, that none that know its usefulness will be without it.Culpeper [1651].


It is commended against inward burstings, and members torn, rent, and bruised: and therefore it is put into potions that serve for nodes, in which it is of such virtue, that it can dissolve & wash away congealed and clotted blood. Ruellius writeth that they commonly say in France, how he needeth neither physician nor surgeon that hath Bugle and Sanicle, for it doth not only cure rotten wounds being inwardly taken, but also applied to them outwardly; it is good for the infirmities of the liver; it taketh away the obstructions, and strengtheneth it. The decoction of Bugle drunken, dissolveth clotted or congealed blood within the body, healeth and maketh sound all wounds of the body, both inward and outward. The same openeth the stoppings of the liver and gall, and is good against the jaundice and fevers of long continuance. The same decoction cureth the rotten ulcers and sores of the mouth and gums. Bugula is excellent in curing wounds and scratches, and the juice cureth the wounds, ulcers and sores of the secret parts, or the herb bruised and laid thereon. Gerard [1597].

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