Caille-lait - Lady's Bedstraw, Rennet
- Galium verum


CAILLE-LAIT, il n’est rien de si commun que cette plante. Elle vient en toute forte de terre & exposition: on la multiplie de semences en Mars.

Cette plante est vulnéraire & détersive: on s’en sert à la maniere du thé pour la goutte; on fait u sirop de ses fleurs qui est fort apéritif & propre pour les pâles couleurs & la rétension des mois. On se sert avec succès de la décoction de cette plante pour bassiner la gratelle, & pour tooutes les maladies de la peau.


Lady's Bedstraw, Rennet, there is nothing so common as this plant. It comes in very fertile soil & exposure: we multiply it with seeds in March.

This plant is vulnerable & cleansing: it is used like tea for gout; we make a syrup from its flowers which is a strong aperitif & suitable for the decreasing pallor & the retention of menses. The decoction of this plant is used with success to drench the scab, and for all skin diseases.


Also called Cheese-Rennet, because it curdles milk. An herb of Venus, and therefore strengthening the parts both internal and external, which she rules. The decoction of the former of those being drank, is good to fret and break the stone, provoke the urine, stays inward bleeding, and heals inward wounds. The herb or flower bruised and put into the nostrils, stays their bleeding likewise; The flowers and herbs being made into an oil, by being set in the sun, and changed after it has stood ten or twelve days; or into an ointment being boiled in sallad oil, with some wax melted therein, after it is strained; either the oil made thereof, or the ointment, do help burnings with fire, or scalding with water. The same also, or the decoction of the herb and flower, is good to bathe the feet of travellers and lacquies, whose long running causes weariness and stiffness in the sinews and joints. If the decoction be used warm, and the joints afterwards anointed with ointment, it helps the dry scab, and the itch in children; and the herb with the white flower is also very good for the sinews, arteries, and joints, to comfort and strengthen them after travel, cold, and pains. Culpeper [1651]

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