Euphraise - Eyebright
- Euphrasia officinalis


EUFRAISE, veut une terre humide & un lieu ombrageux; se multiplie mieux de plant enraciné en Mars, que se semences.

Arnaud de Villeneuve loue beaucoup le vin dans lequel on a mis infuser cette plante pour les maladies de yeux. On prend ordinairement trois gros d’eufraise en poudre dans un verre d’eau de fenouil ou de verveine distillée, pour les inflammations des yeux. La décoction de cette plante est détersive & astringente. On s’en sert à la maniere du thé dans les obstructions des visceres.


Eyebright, likes damp earth & a shady place; it is better to propagate from a rooted plant in March, than from seeds.

Arnaud de Villeneuve, 13th century doctor and theologian, [Amazed by the quality of the product he had obtained (by being the first to distill French wine), he attributed every virtue to it: “This product can cure poisoning, clear the chest, prolong life and maintain youth.” Thus what should have been “eau de feu” (“firewater”) became “eau-de-vie” (“water of life”) praises the [distilled] wine [eau-de-vie] in which this plant has been infused for eye diseases. We usually take three large powdered berries in a glass of fennel or distilled verbena water for eye inflammation [eye wash]. The decoction of this plant is cleansing & astringent. It is used as a tea in the obstructions of the viscera.

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