My Story

My new husband didn’t believe in lawns because grass wasn’t edible–every square foot of lawn space he had was covered in fruit and nut trees and berries of all types–I asked if I could have some edge space to plant some herbs. His answer was “yes,” if I could justify the reason for planting each such herb. Thus, began my journey into Herbalism and the medicinal properties of plants. 

Once I received my diagnosis of lymphedema my focus became “how can I achieve true health and balance without relying on pharmaceuticals and/or surgical intervention?” A promising clinical drug trial is being mounted at Stanford for the treatment of lymphedema, but the end product will not be available for several years yet. Herbs with their actions and energetics came to my rescue. Currently, my only physician-prescribed pharmaceutical is one baby Aspirin® per day. I successfully control my lymphatic congestion with herbal strategies.

My approach to Herbalism is to access root causes of imbalances based on the 3 primary qualitative tissue states of our traditional Western models of energetics. Energetics can further be broken down into the tastes of herbs and their “energetic” qualities–bitter, sour, salty, pungent and sweet. It’s common for people to have a blend of these different tissue states together–i.e., tissues that are very cold and damp, or very hot and tense. This model of physiology and energetics looks to the deeper levels of imbalance within a person, rather than focusing on a particular disease entity or eliminating a symptom.

Herbal Musings

Herbs can support the body in maintaining its natural health and balance. 

“Simple lifestyle interventions, such as switching to a diet high in vegetables, fruit and whole grains and low in sugar, salt and processed meat, can make a major difference to cardiovascular risk factors in as little as ten days, despite the genetic odds being stacked against some people.”

Bianca Nogrady

Nature | Vol 594 | 10 June 2021

Chronic conditions likely have many underlying causes–a personalized approach to identify and target all of the root causes must be taken for resolution to occur.”

Carolyn Smith-Kizer

Living Herbes

“Movements of stars, planets, seasons and  weather were the main determining factors in the progression of an illness and its recovery. Herbal remedies were given in accordance with these forces in mind, to re-align the sick with their external environment.”

Nicholas Culpeper

The English Physitian, 1654

What Can I Do for You?

I consult worldwide via zoom. 

Herbal consultations are conducted upon receipt of a detailed current health assessment intake form and prior payment. Once received an appointment for a zoom consultation is booked.

The zoom consultation lasts from 1-2 hours and includes a tongue and facial assessment and discussion of any included lab and DNA analysis.

After your initial consult, it may take one to four days to develop a plan with suggestions to nurture your body and balance factors that may hinder your body’s natural healing process.

You will leave the virtual consult with 2-5 dietary, lifestyle and mindfulness practices to begin implementing immediately while you wait for your individualized plan and to order formulas/remedies to be delivered and an appointment for monthly follow-ups.

I will check in with you via email to see how you are doing and answer any questions you may have. I may suggest that you have further lab tests which, depending upon their complexity may be requested by you at an independent lab or may require a script from your primary care provider. Once you receive your herbal formulas I will follow up again in a week to see if we need to make adjustments on the dosage. Please realize that holistic herbal suggestions may require months of ongoing support in order to attain natural health and balance.



Herbalism is not a one and done method. Your body’s imbalance was a long time coming and it may take months to resolve chronic issues that have proven intractable by addressing only the suppression of symptoms. Herbs are not a panacea–one herb that worked for your friend may not work for you, or at least in the same way. Some clients see immediate results–others take months and some require reworking the basic plan. A realistic time frame of working with me is 3 to 6 months or longer. The weekly check-ins in the first month allow us to adjust the dosage–and more is not always better. Research has proven that even chronic issues can see measurable results in as little as 10 days.

 Contact me to choose which style of intake form is best for you, to arrange payment and to schedule a virtual consultation appointment.

Herbalism is not like allopathic modern medicine which is trained to only treat symptoms with a BAND-AID® approach–the prescription of a medication (also referred to as medicament, medicine, pharmaceutical drug, medicinal drug or simply drug) to allay the symptom–which use is usually ongoing for life. Herbalism is not a swapping of this herb for that drug approach. Drugs are usually an individual ingredient [sometimes from a plant source] or compound of an isolated constituent [or more] proven by human in vivo placebo-controlled research to suppress or activate a symptom–if the drug is discontinued, the symptom usually returns. Hence, once a symptom is observed, its treatment is ongoing, sometimes for the life of the individual. As an herbalist, I use the entire plant in various preparation methods of delivery–plants come with little side effects when used properly [the same cannot be said for pharmaceutical drugs].

Ready to Begin?

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