Berle - Water Parsnip
- Berula erecta

berle-lesser water-parsnip_Berula_erecta

BERLE, ne demande pas grande culture, veut une terre grasse & à l’ombre, se multiplie de semences & de plant enraciné en Mars.

On se sert de cette plante pour purifier de sang, & pour emporter les obstructions des visceres. On s’en sert utilement dans le scorbut, la suppression d’urine & des mois, en forme d’apozemes; & dans les bouillons apéritifs, par poignée.


BERLE, does not require large cultivation, wants loam & shade, multiplies from seeds & rooted plant in March.

This plant is used to purify blood, and to remove obstructions from the viscera. It is used in scurvy, urine suppression & menses, in the form of decoctions; & in aperitif broths, by the handful.


"The methanolic extract of B angustifolia enhances wound healing activity significantly in both studied wound models. From this animal study, enhanced wound contraction, decreased epithelialization time, increased hydroxyproline content, improved mechanical indices, histological characteristics, and biochemical studies suggest the extract of B angustifolia leaves may have therapeutic benefits in diabetes-impaired wound healing." Read the article here.

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