Bouglose - Bugloss, Alkanet
- Anchusa officinalis


BOUGLOSE ou BUGLOSE. Leurs fleur sont cordiales, & s’ordonnent en infusion par pincées. On en fait aussi une conserve.

Les feuille & les racines en décoction sont humectantes, rafraichisantes, propres dans les fluxions de poitrine, la pleurésie, & dans la toux opiniâtre: on en fait boire le suc jusqu’é quatre onces, & la tisane par verrées. Le sirop de buglose convient sort aux mélancoliques, jusqu’à une once dans quelque liqueur appropriée. On ordonne aussi cette plante dans les bouillons rafraîchissans par poignées.


BUGLOSS, ALKANET. Their flowers are cordial, & are prescribed in an infusion by pinches. It is also made into a conserve.

The leaves & the roots in decoction are humectant, refreshing, clear pneumonia, pleurisy, & obstinate coughs: the juice is made to drink up to four ounces, & the herbal infusion by glasses. Bugloss syrup is suitable for the melancholy, up to an ounce in some suitable liquor. This plant is also prescribed in laxative broths by handfuls.


Do boil with the root of Alkanet and wine, sweet butter, such as hath in it no salt at all, until such time as it becometh red, which they call red butter, and give it not only to those that have fallen from some high place, but also report it to be good to drive forth the measles and smallpox, if it be drunk in the beginning with hot beer. The roots of these are used to color syrups, waters, jellies, & such like confections. Gerard [1597].

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