Bourse-a-berger - Shepherd's purse
- Capsella bursa-pastoris


BOURSE-A-BERGER ou TABOURET. Il n’y a rien d si commun dans les champs & dans les lieux incultes que cette plante. Ell se multiplie de semences en Mars.

On se sert avec succès de cette plante dans le cours de ventre & dans les hémorrhagies. Elle est vulnéraire, astringent, fébrifuge & adoucissante. On emploie le suc de ses feuilles jusqu’à six onces dans les fluxions où il y a inflammation; ce suc arrête les hémorrhagies du nez en le faisant respirer.


Shepherd’s Purse or Stool. There is nothing so common in fields & wasteland as this plant. It multiplies from seed in March.

This plant is used successfully in the stomach ulcers & in hemorrhages. It is vulnerary, astringent, febrifuge & softening. The juice of its leaves up to six ounces is used in invasions of pathogens where there is inflammation; this juice stops hemorrhages in the nose so it can breathe.


It is under the dominion of Saturn, and of a cold, dry, and binding nature, like to him. It helps all fluxes of blood, either caused by inward or outward wounds; as also flux of the belly, and bloody flux, spitting blood, and bloody urine, stops the terms in women; being bound to the wrists of the hands, and the soles of the feet, it helps the yellow jaundice. The herb being made into a poultice, helps inflammations and St. Anthony’s fire. The juice being dropped into the ears, heals the pains, noise, and mutterings thereof. A good ointment may be made of it for all wounds, especially wounds in the head. Culpeper [1651].


Shepherd's Purse stayeth bleeding in any part of the body, whether the juice or the decoction thereof be drunk, or whether it be used poultice-wise, or in bath, or any other way else. In a clyster it cureth the bloody flux: it healeth green and bleeding wounds: it is marvellous good for inflammations new begun, and for all diseases which must be checked back and cooled. The decoction doth stop the lask, the spitting and pissing of blood, and all other fluxes of blood. Gerard [1597].

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