Bruyere - Heather
- Calluna vulgaris


BRUYERE. Cette plante vient sans soins dans les lieux incultes.

La décoction de bruyere se doe avec succès par verrées dans la difficulté d’urine. L’huile qu’on tire des fleurs est bonne pour les dartres. L’eau distillée de toute la plante appaise l’inflammation des yeax. On prépare un bain avec la fleur & les feuilles, qui appaise les douleurs de la goutte. La fomentation des fleurs de cette plante sert aussi pour l même mal.


HEATHER. This plant comes without care in wasteland. A decoction of heather is used successfully by the glassful in the difficulty of passing urine. The oil you get from flowers is good for scabs. Water distilled from the whole plant soothes inflammation of the eyes. We prepare a bath with the flower & the leaves, which soothes the pains of gout. The hot pack of the flowers of this plant also serves the same evil.


FURZ bush. Mars owns the herb. They are hot and dry, and open obstructions of the liver and spleen. A decoction made with the flowers thereof hath been found effectual against the jaundice, as also to provoke urine, and cleanse the kidneys from gravel or stone ingendered in them. Mars doth also this by sympathy. Culpeper [1651].


Heath, Ling. The tender tops and flowers, saith Dioscorides, are good to be laid upon the bitings and stinging of any venomous beast: of these flowers the bees do gather bad honey. The bark and leaves of Heath may be used for and in the same causes that Tamarisk is used. Gerard [1597].

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