Buis - Box
- Buxus sempervirens


BUIS. Nous avons parlé ci-devant dans le jardind’ornemens, de la culture de cet arbrisseau, à la page 261.

On substitute le bois du buis rapé au gaïac, & on s’en sert avec le même succès dans les tisanes sudorifiques pour la vérole. On tire de ce même bois une huile fétide qui est estimée pour les vapeurs, le mal de dent & l’épilepsie. La dose est jusqu’à vingt gouttes, mêlées avec la poudre de réglisse. On la mêle avec le beurre fondu pour graisser les cancers. On en fait aussi un liniment avec l’huile de mille-pertuis, pour la goutte & les rhumatismes invétérés.


BOXWOOD. We have spoken above in the ornamental garden of the cultivation of this shrub, on page 261. We substitute the wood of the grated boxwood for the guaiacum tree [Lignum Vitae], and we use it with the same success in the sudorific herbal teas for the pox. From this same wood a foul oil is obtained which is esteemed for fumes, toothache & epilepsy. The dose is up to twenty drops, mixed with the liquorice powder. It is mixed with melted butter to lubricate cancers. It is also made a liniment with St. John's wort oil, for gout & chronic rheumatism.


...the flowers are very little, growing among the leaves, of a green colour: which being faded there succeed small black shining berries, of the bigness of the seeds of Coriander, which are enclosed in round greenish husks, having three feet or legs like a brass or boiling pot: the root likewise yellow, and harder than the timber, but of greater beauty, and more fit for dagger hafts, boxes, and such like uses, whereto the trunk or body serveth, than to make medicines; though foolish emperics and women leeches, do minister it against the apoplexy and such diseases. Gerard [1597].

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