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Herbal Consultations

                    Virtual consultations offered worldwide via zoom


Herbal treatments beyond liposuction or surgery:

  • Tisanes, French word for [hot] herbal beverage preparations–what you and I call herbal teas–usually contains more than one herb
  • Tinctures, herbs as simples [singles] extracted in alcohol or in formulas
  • Compresses, Poultices, Fomentations, Plasters –moist, pounded or cooked herbs applied to skin directly, with or without the addition of heat or cold, sometimes in a flour base
  • Oils, macerated herbs in oil base to extract an action, used in massage and skin care preparations; also added to beverages and food
  • Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Flower Essences–small in dosage but powerful in impact
  • Steams
  • Baths
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Health History May Include:

  •  Detailed Analysis of Intake Questionnaire
  • Tongue Assessment and Facial Mapping
  • Lifestyle and Diet 
  • 3-Day Food Recall
  • Flavors – Likes and Dislikes
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences Score
  • Most Recent Labs and Any DNA Results
  • Time as Needed to Listen To Your Concerns
  • Astrological and Energetic Assessment

What You Can Expect:

 I base my assessments not only on virtual consultations via video chat and detailed client intake forms, but upon your medical/lab results from your latest physical [please ask your medical provider for a physical copy of those results] and any DNA SNPs epigenetics reports you may have access to [if you haven’t acquired epigenetic reports, I use 3X4 Genetics–you can order a test through me]. Once a baseline is established, we have a metric to measure results. I do not do one-off consultations. I offer 3-month and 6-month programs– explore programs and pricing  here –once a program is chosen, appointments for intake can be set.

Herbal formulations and recommendations are in addition and will be available from an online dispensary–refills are also obtained via this method.   

Four Stages of Lipedema - Lower Extremities

Herbal, Lifestyle & Mindfulness Suggestions:

Although the Mediterranean Diet is pictured here, it is the  characters beneath the pyramid I wish to draw to your attention. And the Mediterranean Diet may not be best for you based on your tissue states and energetics.

Lifestyle and mindfulness practices are every bit as important as diet and exercise. 

Sunshine and fresh air, forest bathing, grounding and structured breathing are all means of getting in touch with how you actually feel in your body.

Whatever you put into your mouth informs your brain whether to support your gut or withhold/increase hormonal signals that can overtax your adrenals and thyroid. Without proper hormone signaling your body cannot function in a balanced way.

Herbs, either as tinctures, teas or oils will be recommended to help balance your body. I rarely recommend supplements–I prefer to adjust your diet to improve balance.