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The School of Evolutionary Herbalism


Sajah’s mission is to share knowledge, tools, and medicine that spreads the healing power of plants to humanity– to not just heal our bodies of disease, but to assist in the evolution of human consciousness back into accordance with Nature. His herbal practice encompasses clinical Western herbalism, Ayurveda, medical astrology, and spagyric alchemy. He has a degree in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University and is the founder of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism and Organic Unity Spagyrics.

 The Herbal Academy

Self-paced courses include an unparalleled collection of beautifully photographed and illustrated recipes, tutorials, charts, graphs, videos, and more, plus access to our robust student-only Facebook community, discounts to online herb stores, and a personalized certificate awarded with course completion!

Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism


The focus of Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism is on a spiritual practice of herbalism, healing, and medicine.  The main points in this approach are an overall emphasis on Nature as a Living Being, acknowledging the body, soul, and spirit, the four directions or elements, the seven lessons of the medicine path (described below), and the plants themselves.  This is undertaken from a vitalist, holistic, natural, and traditional perspective. 

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