You will find both cooked and fresh herbs and spices in the recipes and meals I recommend. Using fresh herbs and spices in cooking is one way to diversify your plant-based food intake. This allows you to feed gut microbes and increase their diversity. Findings from the American Gut Project [1] have suggested that people who consume 30 or more different plant foods per week (which includes herbs and spices) “have a higher gut microbiome diversity than those who consume 10 or fewer.                      ~The are affiliate links – thank you for your support ~

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Mountain Rose is my go to for all things herbal ~ DIY ingredients, bulk herbs and spices, tinctures and oils, and the best essential oils.



Would you like to have some prepared foods on your pantry shelf for when you get the munchies or need something quick to offer a guest? Prepackaged foods that are actually good for you.

grocery store shelves with pre-packaged foods