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Apothicairerie list, known as simples-individual herbs, from La Nouvelle Maison Rustique by Louis Liger, 1700.

Bellis perennis L. known as common daisy or marguerite. 

La Nouvelle Maison Rustic, Louis Leger, 1700. 2 Volumes

Louis Liger was a prominent 17th-century French writer known for his works on flora and fauna. He is chiefly remembered for his major work ‘Nouvelle Maison Rustique,’ or ‘The New Rustic House.’ This work covers all aspects of rural life in an encyclopedic form including hunting, gardening, fishing, falconry, wine and beer making, cooking, medicine making or home apothecary and bee keeping.

A city dweller when retiring to the country to set up a new house, needed to know all of the things necessary that previously his servants had done for him in the city. One of those things was a family medicine cabinet or apothecary–after all, it was a long drive back to town to obtain either medicines or a physician.

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As Fall approaches, warm yourself with a heart-healthy tea of hawthorn berries and hibiscus flowers.

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